Season 2

Dive into all things weird and wonderful about classroom pedagogy.

This is a space for teachers at all stages of their career and lovers of learning. Tune in as hosts Justin and Stas unpack different concepts and research that impact the way students learn, the way we teach them and the way we can maximise both.

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Episode 1: 

Should you listen to music while studying?

We’re back with Season 2! This week we’re looking into the research behind music - does it help students study better? Does it help them focus? We find out.

Episode 2:

A cool trick for classroom engagement: Flow!

This week we’re diving into classroom engagement and “Flow” - what does it look like when students are highly engaged in class? How does it make you feel as a teacher? What does the research say? Let’s unpack it.

Episode 3:

Should I listen to student voice or make them eat their vegetables?

What do I choose as a teacher - my students feeling successful, or learning successfully? In this episode we’re talking about all things student voice. Is it helpful to listen to student voice or should we make them eat their veggies?

Episode 4:

Are these weird SEL things worth doing in class?

In Episode 4 we’re tackling the big topic of Social Emotional Learning. We hear from teachers about their experiences with SEL in the classroom and look into the research behind it.

Episode 5:

How do you get students to fall in love with a subject?

How many times have you heard students say “I’m not a Maths Person”? This week we’re looking into how the perception of our skill set and ability before we walk into a classroom can impact how we learn.

Episode 6:

How do I banish “semi-focus” from my lessons?

It’s the last episode of Season 2 and we’re discussing “semi-focus”. Can we banish it completely and where do we start? We look into the research for you and chat to Australian teachers about their experiences.

Meet your hosts

Justin Matthys

A member of the physics research group that discovered the Higgs Boson, Justin swapped his research career for one in teaching. Now, he dedicates his talents to changing the terrible truth that he experienced as a classroom teacher: despite teachers’ best efforts, too many students were graduating with little to no understanding of mathematics. At the Maths Pathway office, Justin works tirelessly to ensure the Learning and Teaching Model is translated into the best possible tools, content and classroom routines.

Stanisław Pstrokoński

After graduating from Cambridge University with an MEng in Chemical Engineering, Stanisław "Staś" Pstrokoński worked as a teacher and private tutor of mathematics and science for several years before transitioning to the education technology sector. He is currently a data scientist at Busuu, where he uses machine learning to improve learning and assessment for hundreds of thousands of language learners. He is also the creator and host of Education Bookcast, a podcast about education research which he started in 2016. An amateur linguist, he speaks nine languages including Mandarin Chinese, Persian, and Hungarian

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